Valmiera Youth center «Vinda» ir modern, open-minded and a diverse interest and non-formal education institution where kids and youth can spend their free time learning new things and being creative


«Vinda» first was called Valmiera Pioneer's House, it was founded in 1960. One of the main directions where actions were taken was involvement of students in various extracurricular groups, which today is formulated as interest education. In 1996 it was named «Valmieras Student house» and In 1998 it transformed to «Valmieras children and youngsters interest center». 

In 1999 on 1st October it became Valmieras Jaunatnes centrs «Vinda» (Valmiera Youth Center «Vinda«). From 2010 VJC «Vinda» is based at Rīgas iela 42, Valmiera, LV-4201.

Valmiera Youth center "Vinda" is place for kids and youth to improve their amateur performances, and not only gives opportunity to spend their leisure hours with interesting activities, but also helps to make a choice of their future profession. "Vinda" is institution, which is responsible for youth policy implementation in Valmiera town.




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